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Cube aquarium

Cube aquarium

Please contact us with any questions you have. Toll-Free International Aquariums by AquaTop: Eurostyle Bowfront. For a truly panoramic view of your aquatic life, consider our AquaTop Eurostyle Bowfront glass aquariums. These nano aquarium look spectacular on desks and countertops and include ultra high end features such as polished edges and frameless build.

The seamless curved glass front will draw you into an underwater picture show and the flat back side allows you to position the tank flush against a wall. The view from these high clarity cubes is outstanding. They're ideal for a planted nano tank or to create a home for tiny creatures such as micro shrimp, snails, guppies and of course the fabulous fighting betta.

The workmanship on these high clarity glass cubes separates the series from ordinary fish tanks. Aquariums by AquaTop: Pisces. Each unit includes an innovative and unique multi-stage internal filter box system which comes complete with a submersible pump and an easy-change drop-in filter cartridge filled with premium activated carbon.

"The Jungle Cube"- Set Up Video

All models include a super bright touch sensitive LED Light complete with a moonlight setting, and a tank lid with mounting clips. These space-saving desktop aquariums are perfect for fresh or saltwater set-ups.

Aquariums by Aqueon for shrimp. We carry the Aqueon 7. Includes LED light, filter, substrate, water conditioner and setup guide. Aquariums by BiOrb.

The BiOrb Aquariums come in various sizes and shapes. BiOrbs can be individualized by choosing from the many dozens of decorations designed specifically for the BiOrbs. Choose from the 15 liters 4 gallons30 liters 8 gallons45 liters 12 gallons and 60 liters 16 gallons sizes.

These aquariums are a great choice for those wanting to beautify an office, living room, bedroom, family room or even kitchen or bathroom. Aquariums by Cobalt Aquatics. Each Cobalt Aquatics Microvue3 Nano Aquarium Kit comes complete with a crystal clear glass cube aquarium with clear silicone sealant, the all new Clearvue 20 internal filter, 6 watt LED light, glass top and a foam under pad.Rimless fish tanks are quickly becoming the most popular type of tank on the market.

Having this exquisite fish tank in your home is like having a living picture. However, though it is small, it will not go unnoticed!

Your guests are sure to comment on how attractive this fish tank is. As this is a smaller tank it holds about three gallons of waterit is best for smaller fish. This large, unique rimless aquarium makes quite a statement in any home! The fish tank is made from high-quality glass that is never foggy, giving you a clear and crisp view of all the colors in your aquascape.

Though beautiful, the tank is still very durable thanks to its three-piece construction. Plus, this tank comes with an internal Cascade filter, a mat, LED light and also a plastic lid for those fish who are known to jump!

Frameless Cube Aquariums

Plus it is less likely to be scratched versus an acrylic aquarium. This is a heavy tank, weighing 51 pounds, holding This aquarium is small but mighty, it is elegant but so high quality that it is very durable. Plus, the shipping, packing and handling is included in the cost of this unit, which is a big savings to those who buy it.

This company does a great job of making sure your new rimless tank gets to you in mint condition. This is a beautiful glass cube tank from Deep Blue Professional!

It is very transparent and crystal clear, measuring one cubic foot 12W x 12H x 12 L. It also comes with a small foam pad to rest on, evenly distributing the weight in the tank so that you have no issues. This smaller tank holds about 7.

WaterBox Cube Aquarium

The tank really makes your aquascape come to life. This cube aquarium is hand-crafted and made of low-iron, high quality glass. It also has 45 degree mitered edges. These edges are just a small detail but make the tank stand-out, especially while held together by high quality German silicone. It keeps the tank balanced and level. Plus, the seller does a great job of making sure that this rimless tank is packed tightly and safely, arriving in mint condition.

cube aquarium

This fish tank is built by hand by a craftsman who has been in the business for more than 27 years! Truly, this is a quality level that you can find nowhere else, and Windrider Creations is so confident in this product, it even comes with a full three-year warranty! Unlike many other rimless tanks, this one not only comes with a three-sided overflow tank in the center of the back of the tank but also comes with a lid that has a hole for easy access to the inside of the tank.

Also, the manufacturer is willing to drill all the holes you might need for filters or other accessories—free of charge!This aquarium is glass with rounded front corners for an acrylic tank look. Send the email to jbjnanocube gmail.

Reaction filter in stock. We also offer the full line of replacement media, ballasts, and all aquarium lighting and bubs. Is your aquarium getting hot from too much lighting? The Artica Chiller offers a quite solution in tank cooling. Many of our customers keep the Arctica in their bedrooms.

How is that for silence! Your fish, corals and plants will love you for it!!

cube aquarium

Whats New We have some great new goodies for you! Nano Skimmer This nano skimmer fits tanks up to 24 gallons. It will remove protein from your tanks. Skimmers rock! Your corals and fish will thrive under these lights. Metal Halide Bulbs Replacement metal halide bulbs. We offer a vast variety of these units. Heaters Keeping a constant temperate is very important to all fish and corals in a saltwater or freshwater aquarium. JBJ nano cube.

Comes with hood, filter pumps and a whole lot more. Reseller of Transworld Aquatics Aquarium line. For warranty information please contact us and we will fwd you to the correct place. Most of their products carry at least a 1 year warranty.Coral Concepts Mini. This 35 Cube is a show-quality tank with black mitered frames and black silicone for a distinctive appearance.

Deep Blue Professional 2. This attractive little desktop aquarium features a sleek rimless Euro design with black silicone sealant. Deep Blue Professional 4. This attractive desktop aquarium features a sleek rimless Euro design with black silicone.

Deep Blue Professional 7. This 60 Cube is a show-quality tank with black mitered frames and black silicone for a distinctive appearance. End panels are tempered; front, back and bottom panels are non-tempered. Rimless Design with plumbing kit included. Pre-drilled reef-ready design comes complete with left-rear overflow column and internal plumbing kit. Standard black framed-style tank with Reef-ready overflow in left rear corner of the tank.

Overflow plumbing kit is included. Black silicone sealant adds elegance to its dramatic appearance. Includes a corner overflow and reef plumbing kit. Glass Canopy Accessories. Economy Submersible Quartz Mini Submersible. Nets Thermometers Hydromaxx Accessories.

Tanks Lighting Decor Accessories. Cube Aquariums. Edge Rimless Reef-Ready Aquariums. Deep Blue Professional.

All rights reserved.It's amazing for fish tanks. Feature 2: Surface skimming overflow system to keep water crystal clear and bubbles to a minimum.

cube aquarium

With the Waterbox All In One approach, the user simply needs to find the lighting system most suitable to their desired aquatic environment. Our Waterbox CUBE overflow system keeps the environment completely silent while allowing the user to incorporate their favorite mechanical filtration media. Waterbox uses a patented laser technology to etch our logo into each Waterbox which demands attention from others. Current Stock:. Quantity: Increase Quantity: Decrease Quantity:.

Buy Now. Total Volume: Feature 1: Built in filtration system and return pump. Feature 3: Built in mechanical filtration compartments for use with popular medias. Laser Etched Waterbox Logo Waterbox uses a patented laser technology to etch our logo into each Waterbox which demands attention from others.

Videos Hide Videos Show Videos. Out of stock. Add to Cart. Sold out. The Fluval Flex not only offers contemporary styling with its distinctive curved front, but is also equipped with powerful multi-stage filtration and brilliant LED lighting that allows the user to Choose Options. Fluval Evo Aquarium Kit Don't let its size fool you.

Evo packs the same performance features as a tank several times its size, but is small enough to fitA nanosecond is an extremely short period of time, and it takes 1 billion nanoseconds to make up a single regular second. So that should give you an idea of what a nano fish tank is. My pick is the Fluval Edgecontinue reading for more options. So how small does it have to be to be called nano?

So a nano reef tank is one that holds only 30 gallons of water or less. Others even think that only a tabletop aquarium can be considered nano. But such a small size does lead to several serious issues:. Remember that small mistakes lead to quick consequences. Fluval Flex all-in-one aquariums are designed for freshwater fishkeeping. The aquarium uses an All-In One form factor to keep the aquarium compact with a contemporary design that fits into any living space.

The tank is constructed with high-clarity curved glass. The three-stage filtration system is integrated into the aquarium. Nothing hangs from the sides or back of the aquarium. This looks great and makes it easier to place the aquarium in your living space. The filtration system includes a foam filter that captures water-including particles of debris, algae and uneaten fish food. A pouch of activated carbon removes dissolved organics and yellow colors for crystal-clear water.

cube aquarium

The biofiltration section eliminates harmful ammonia and nitrite that can stress the fish and cause disease problems. An internal water pump circulates water through the filtration materials and back to the tank. The aquarium lid includes a built-in LED lighting system. You can control the light colors and timing with the Flexpad remote control. You can even create cloud cover and lightning! The Fluval Flex aquarium is available in 9 and gallon sizes. Or you can go for the 5-gallon version, which measures This uses curved glass so there are no unsightly seams.

The class canopy cover slides back, so you have the space you need to feed the fish and to clean the tank. You have activated carbon inside the filter cartridge and a molded ribbed back to maximize the water to carbon contact, which effective eliminates any chemical smells or impurities, and bio foam that cultivates bacteria to eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrate.

Now this one offers a bit more space, with dimensions measuring It uses etched glass, which really gives off a really modern look combined with the light arching over the tank. The circulation pump is quite powerful, but the output muzzle is adjustable. The 3-stage filtration system has all the necessary media, with a porous foam block with a convenient handle, activated carbon, and BioMax bio rings. For many people, this is the ideal tank for a single betta. This 6-gallong tank measures 16 x 16 x It sues acrylic plastic though, and the top cover is solid so you can only see the inside from the sides.The Waterbox Aquariums Cube is one of our most popular all-in-one aquarium systems for both freshwater and saltwater aquaria.

Measurements are rounded to the nearest inch or gallon. For exact measurements use MM or L. See terms and conditions. An all-in-one aquarium that captures more of what you love. The CUBE was designed so you can keep more in your aquarium with less. Available from 10 to 20 gallons, the CUBE delivers an aquatic environment for novice and professional aquarium keepers. Overflow boxes are constructed entirely of glass with water-etched weir teeth.

Features an adjustable return nozzle for precise water agitation. Includes a pre-seated, self-leveling foam mat, which keeps your aquarium level on uneven surfaces and reduces tension on the glass. The use of licensed Starphire Ultra-Clear, low-iron glass on each side of the aquarium provides unparalleled clarity.

The CUBE comes complete with all necessary filtration for freshwater or saltwater aquariums. Our unique baffle system forces the water to flow through the micron socks followed by the filtration media. This unique design also eliminates air bubbles in the system. Includes one 2. Includes bio-balls, carbon and a filter sponge to keep your water clear and polished.

Includes a perfectly matched return pump to for optimal water turnover. Waterbox furniture is designed to elevate your living spaces with our first in class cabinetry and finishes. Optional for the CUBE Cabinets are available in three finishes. Options include black, white or oak. PVC coated hinges with soft close doors. Leveling feet to provide long-lasting support and stability.

Recessed push-open hardware. Join the Waterbox Official Facebook group to get inspired. Post questions, ask for help, or just show off your aquarium. The community is here to help and join you on your journey to a successful and healthy aquarium.

Combined with AquaIllumination signature lighting schedules, setup has never been easier. Download the customized lighting scheduled specifically designed for fish only. Remove suspended debris and detritus, which often lead to excess dissolved organics, nitrate and phosphate.